Created by nature,
no synthetic roses or greenery.

With little maintenance
your blooms will last up to 1 year.

Preserved using a proprietary, plant-based, biodegradable formula.


Our blooms are hand selected and picked at the peak of their natural beauty.
The sap and water are removed from the plant.
The flowers absorb the proprietary preservation formula and chosen pantone pigments.
The blooms are delivered to us direct from our farm in Ecuador, where our florists place them into beautiful arrangements.

Nature’s Longest Living Rose

Eos Blooms is the only florist dedicated to bringing you stunning curated arrangements of natural preserved flowers that last up to a year.

Environmentally Conscious

Due to their long lifespan our blooms don’t have to be replaced often, resulting in a significantly lower carbon footprint and less waste.

Low Maintenance

Unlike fresh-cut flowers, no need to replace after a week. No water, no mess. Lightly dust as needed.

Thoughtful Design

From arrangements meticulously assembled by expert floral designers to elegant handwritten notes on customized message cards.
The EB Standard