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The Promise

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Keep the memories from your special day for a lifetime with our special edition wedding bouquet, The Promise. Our exclusive preserved bridal bouquet features a mix of delicate blush and champagne tones. Intended to keep its original beauty for a year or more, The Promise will provide a dreamy and romantic touch to your special day.

Product Details

All bouquets are made to order and may vary slightly.

100% Plant Based Preservation

We select and harvest our blooms at the peak of their beauty. The sap and water within the plant are replaced with a proprietary, 100% plant-based, biodegradable preservation formula. The preserved blooms remain beautiful and unchanged for up to a year and are virtually maintenance-free.

Bloom Care
Virtually Maintenance Free
-- No water needed
-- No direct sunlight
-- Normal room temperature
-- Dust lightly as needed

Farm Direct + Environmentally Conscious

The flower farms we have chosen to partner with are engaged in organic practices such as composting and plant-based, biodegradable preservation techniques. Additionally, no artificial lighting is used during the growing cycle. Eos Blooms are delivered in recyclable packing. These are just some of the ways we commit to reducing our footprint on the environment.

Low Maintenance

Unlike unpreserved fresh-cut flowers, there is no need to replace Eos Blooms after a week. No water, no wilting, no mess, just lightly dust as needed.

Designed by Florists

Eos Blooms arrangements are meticulously assembled by expert floral designers and delivered with elegant handwritten notes on customized message cards.