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Our Preservation Process

Each one of our blooms is treated with a proprietary, 100% plant-based, biodegradable preservation formula. The sap and water within the plant are replaced with the preservation formula, effectively forming a still-image of nature for a up to a year.

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People Behind the Blooms

We love flowers, especially giving them and the heartfelt emotions they convey. But why should such thoughtful sentiments be relegated to a passing gesture? Why should they quickly fade along with the flowers themselves? The answer to this question is why three friends, Priscilla, Jose and Cillian started Eos Blooms. We are here to give life and longevity to your sentiments so that those you care about most can enjoy them long after they were given.

Join us to reject the rudimentary, elevate your space and keep the essence of summer alive for longer. We hope you love your blooms as much as we do!