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What makes Eos Blooms unique?
Eos Blooms is the only florist dedicated to bringing you stunning curated arrangements of natural preserved flowers that last up to a year with little or no maintenance.
What is an Eos Bloom?
An Eos Bloom is the most unique of flowers; it’s nature's longest living rose, preserved to last up to a year.
Are all of the arrangements natural?
Yes! All roses and greenery in our arrangements are 100% natural and last up to a year. No synthetic roses or greenery are used!
How long do Eos Blooms arrangements last?
With no moisture, no direct sunlight and no extreme temperatures your blooms can last up to a year. Every now and then dust lightly.
How are our flowers preserved?
Each one of our blooms is treated with a proprietary, 100% plant-based, biodegradable preservation solution. The sap and water within the plant are replaced with the preservation solution, effectively forming a still-image of nature for a up to a year.
Where do our roses come from?
Our flowers come direct from our growers in the Cayambe Valley, Ecuador to your door. We have partnered only with those farms who can consistently produce flowers of the highest quality.